The bad

My lately routine

I don’t like to wash my laundry in public, but this is going on for a while… and after all the main reason why I write down is to let it out and maybe get some relief. About 4 months ago we came back home into our rented apartment and one night we woke up because of the horrible noise that was coming from the above apartment – the police and two of the neighbors were breaking down the door. When we first moved in here we were told that the below apartment and the above one are empty (the below one is for sale, and the above one is empty because the lady that lives there works abroad and rarely comes home). We lived in piece and quiet for almost two years, even if for the last year someone moved back in the above apartment – the daughter of the lady that works abroad.

The problem is that this girl (I think she is still underage, maybe 17 years old, or maybe she is a bit over the legal age, maybe she is 18 or 19) keeps bringing… interesting people into her apartment. But we had no real issues with her or them. That night , however, the police was called by the mom because apparently the girl “forgot” to whom she gave the key to the house. I’m not sure what the police was looking for , but they received the order from the mother to bring down the door and see if someone is inside. I was never interested on what the entire story was about…but I do believe that things were a bit serious because there were police men outside too, guarding the windows and making sure that whoever was in the apartment wouldn’t jump and escape from the 3rd floor. All I know is that the apartment was empty at that time. But we also know for sure that someone was in that apartment about 30 minutes before the police arrived, as we heard footsteps and the bathroom being used. The beauty of living in an old unit with thin walls.

Yes, she is a bit of a problematic kid. As far as I know her parents got divorced , her mom comes home once a year, and her dad lives in the next block but he just simply cannot control her. Basically she is free to do whatever she wants in the apartment, without many repercussions. Ever since that wonderful night , our young neighbor keeps blasting music after 11 PM until 1-2 AM or she starts at 1 AM until 3 AM. This has been going on for a while and it got me so exasperated. She has horrible music taste too. I’ve reached that level of stress where just hearing her turning on the portable speaker or hearing her footsteps makes me cringe .

And her and her boyfriend’s impertinence reached a point where last week they blasted that crappy music every night, 5 nights in a row and in the 6th they threw a party until past 5 AM. Which makes me wonder, because in this block there are mostly elders and respectful people , yet no one called the police or knocked at their door. So I called the landlord and complained about the problem. He promised to talk to her father and if things won’t settle down I should consider to call the police. And seems like he is aware that the above apartment is used for …different things when mom is not home. Well, thanks for letting us know….now.

Our landlord happens to be a locally well known political person so I was hoping to solve the problem as he doesn’t like losing money and at this point we are seriously considering to move! Because the only reason why we moved in this apartment in the first place was because we were promised peace and quiet! Well, that didn’t worked as planed. So the next day husband contacted her father via Facebook , who promised to talk to her mom and things will calm down. This week indeed things were quiet..until last night. To top it all, today someone knocked at my door and I saw that there was a girl, which I haven’t seen until today, and two guys. If I’m not mistaken one of them was my neighbor’s boyfriend…I might be wrong though. It’s hard to see clear through a peep whole. What got me off guard was that one of the guys was strategically sitting on the first step,facing my door, with his phone in his hands as he was ready to record me when I open the door. Obviously I did not got out, and yeah, our young neighbor was there too, hiding behind them and only stepped out into the light when she realize that I wasn’t home.

Am I just too paranoid because of the excessive stress? What are the chances to get ambushed , when everyone knows who is the real owner of the apartment? Understandably that they would get into a lot of trouble. They are not too far either. But now I’m living with more stress and fear than ever. Fear to leave the house for too many hours because the apartment might get vandalized . We don’t have much, but what we have are almost brand new and quite valuable. One of the machines that I was writing about in my previous post costs a small fortune…not that they would know the use of it or the real value. Stealing that would make us more harm than stealing our TV,laptop and other appliances.

I’m just fed up and very tired. Every night I’m stressed out of my mind, thinking if I’m able to get some sleep or be awaken up by the music at 1 AM. There. Now I have revealed one of the reason why I’m doing the graveyard shift for almost an entire year. Is it really that hard to respect some basic common sense rules? Why must I be forced to call the police or to try and contact her mother? Cause I’m still not sure if she got the message or not. All I know is that I’m so tired in some days and I’m not able to work and I’m way behind with the orders. I try to get myself back on tracks with my sleeping and eating habits. So far I’m doing OK on some levels….but the stress is the one that’s going to get me killed in the end. We know exactly what we want to achieve for the following year : get out of here and get out own house. Yes, house. I’d rather sleep in the woods in a tent then own an apartment. I don’t need it even if I receive it for free. And I give ourselves one year only to make our wish come true.

The bad

Apartment or a house

I grew up in a house and every since I moved into an apartment 3 years ago only made me realize how much I long for that silence, privacy and coziness that only a house can offer. To put it simple – I hate apartments! These tiny concrete boxes that don’t offer much of those feelings. It is not that I’m ungrateful for having a roof over my head, it’s just that living between 4 concrete walls is one of the reason why I got so distressed.

Whoever lives in an apartment or a flat knows very well what I’m talking about and I think one word perfectly sums it all up – neighbors. Sure, moving into an apartment was the best moment decision at that time and we both agreed that it is temporary. It works for a year , maybe two, but no more.

Those who never had the chance to live in a house will never understand the freedom and happiness of it. When I moved out of my parent’s house my heart broke into pieces for leaving behind my gorgeous flower garden. Sure, I can and still go up to my parent’s house and take care of my plants, also all of our fruits and veggies come from there…but it is not the same as drinking your morning coffee in the garden or stay up late on the bench , watching the night sky. …the night sky….I remember the endless nights spend on the balcony , watching the moon and the stars.

One of the many things that I love about Scandinavians is that they seek isolated houses, far. far away from the majority. Those who seek to move far away from the cities, in the middle of nowhere or in villages with just 10-15 inhabitants ; those are my favorite.

So how much is too much? 4 years, maybe? 4 years. I don’t know how it will happen, but I’m making a promise to myself for next year that it will be our last year living in an apartment. I don’t have a clear plan on how it will happen, but I will give all my best and I’m usually very ambitious when my mind gets set on something.

I miss having my flowers, I miss gardening, yes I miss digging my hands in soil! I don’t need a big house, it can be half the size that the one that I grew up in. I need it small but very put together and cozy. I also wish to have few animals around the house. Growing up I was always surrounded by animals. My grandparents and parents always use to keep few animals , like pigs, hens , ducks. Two years ago my parents even had a small farm of rabbits! I miss that! Can’t really say that I grew up in a rural side of the country, but all I know is that I’ve studied in big cities and hated it. Big city life is simply not for me and I’ll take a small house ,somewhere far away, at any time.