Creamy mashed cauliflower with chicken liver sauté (low carb/Keto friendly)

So I took the challenge until Christmas. Trying to also fix my poor eating habits too. Let’s see how this goes. Cauliflower and I aren’t really that good friends but for this challenge I must find better alternatives. Today I tried mashed cauliflower for the first time and I love it! If you’re missing mashed potatoes, definitely try switching to a healthier alternative : cauliflower.

I don’t have the exact quantities . I don’t really like sticking to quantities when I cook, unless there is a complicated recipe that needs to be strictly followed. I choose a small cauliflower, boiled or steam it until it is soft, drain, put it in a food processor or a blender, add butter ( 80% fat), cream cheese, salt, pepper. I also sprinkled a bit of hot paprika on top.

For the chicken liver saute (you can use pork liver instead) I used about 500 gr liver, one yellow bell pepper, one red bell pepper, one onion and a few minced garlic cloves, olive oil, salt, pepper. That’s it!