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Introducing the cats

A while back I was posting about the stray cat that eventually got ,sort of , adopted by my parents. (Matilda’s story right –Here– ).

Matilda got really docile and allows us to pet her. She still comes every day for food and she spends part of her time in our garden or sleeping on the chair that is at the front door. She refuses to get inside the house, not that Arielle would ever accept that , but overall she got familiar with the place and considers it as her own territory. Also she gave birth but we don’t know where. She didn’t choose the barn where my dad prepared a place for her, or the place that my mom made . At this point we aren’t even sure if her kittens are still alive. Matilda comes and goes.

A couple of days ago she got into a big fight with 3 other stray cats and one of them managed to bite her pretty bad. Mom wasn’t able to catch her and take her to the vet , she is yet too wild and will scratch and bite if you try to pick her up. Mom wants to take her to the vet to spay her…but this task remains impossible at the moment. We are not giving up on the idea ! The good part is that mom picked up some medicine for Matilda’s wound and allows my mom to take care of it.

After we were done hiking and picking up spruce buds we went back at my parents for lunch. Since it was a sunny day we decided to take our orange boy with us so he can enjoy some sunshine too. I knew that the first meeting between Arielle and James will be interesting , but for sure I did not expected what followed !

Of course, Arielle wasn’t pleased to meet her new little brother ! Lots of hissing, cat arguments and PLENTY of drama!

I know it’s all about territory and what not, but slowly the hissing stoped and our boy got adventurous and started to explore the surrounding, under Arielle’s careful observation. I sure didn’t expected to see James being so fascinated by the outdoors, all the sounds, wind, sun , grass and flowers, considering that 6 months ago he was also picked up from the streets!

And of course, James tried to stay away from Arielle’s gaze as much as possible. We also didn’t allowed any physical contact between them .

At one point he was sunbathing right in front of Arielle ,but James was so focused on her (and Arielle on him, and the rest of us on them both) that he didn’t noticed Matilda. We didn’t noticed Matilda bolting in out of nowhere. She approached James from behind and tried to headbutt him. Rub her head on his. It all happened so fast!

James was caught off guard, jumped and hissed back at her. And from there all hell broke loose. Matilda is one feisty cat! The good thing was that both my husband and dad jumped in and managed to break the cat fight. We weren’t expecting Matilda to show up, and we definitely didn’t expected such reactions from neither of them! I mean, both James and Matilda are extremely friendly with other animals. More friendly than Arielle. Matilda first befriended our two dogs , before allowing us to pet her or come anywhere near Arielle. But I do believe that her outburst and violent reaction to James’ hissing was because of her last altercation with the other stray cats. My heart breaks for this little girl, to be honest .

The good news is that none of the cats were hurt. I managed to lift up James by the collar and my folks were fast to jump in and grab the other cat. I had to take James inside the house in order for him to calm down , just enough so we could put him in the cage and drive him back home.

The sad part is that at one point I was hoping to find fosters or people willing to adopt the kittens, catch Matilda, spay her and bring her over to our apartment so James wouldn’t feel so lonely anymore. Bad idea for now, but I’m not giving up on her!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the cats

  1. Not familiar with cat rescues like this but suspect it takes lots of patience and a bit of luck. We are sending loads of luck your way with gratitude for swinging by the “Ranch” and for the follow. We šŸ’– visitors, especially such cool cats like you guys.


  2. Cats are amazing animals. You are very lucid in the usage of words. You sure are blessed.
    But spaying animals is not a good thing. Let them go be naturally. Spaying a cat is as bad as feeding it vegan food.


    1. So you’d rather let stray cats and dogs “go naturally “, give birth to countless cubs that will end up starving on the streets, getting hit by cars or caught and taken by the pound and later have them put to sleep? That is not a responsible way of thinking.
      In some countries the vets are doing it for free for stray/abandoned animals because if the city gets flooded with stray cats and dogs their deaths are imminent . In my country if you want to adopt a cat or a dog from the shelter/pound they already come spayed /neutered and chipped.
      Please get educated on this subject. You obviously have no idea what changes occur in both behavior and hormonal when it’s breeding time for a cat , or what are the later healthy benefits of spaying and neutering.
      So no, a responsible cat owner won’t allow his cat to “go naturally ” and have its 15-20 kittens go naturally as well. Some people are trying to adopt/help and feed as many stray cats/dogs as much as their income allows , and not be part of the problem.
      By your way of thinking , I was supposed to put my ginger boy back on the streets because of him spraying in the house and the loud noises that he was making at nights , waking all of my neighbors. Homeless cat in an unsafe environment, because I wasn’t able to keep him in the apartment any longer, but at least he was “living naturally “.


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