In between

An angel with 4 paws for Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas / winter holidays! I hoped for snow till the last minute, but no such luck so far. We are having a black Christmas with lots of rain. It’s only snowing up in North and in the mountains .

This year we’ve decided to skip all festivities and spend a peaceful Eve just the two of us. Earlier in the morning we got the tree up and went out shopping. It was incredibly relaxing to spend the 24th of December just breathing , while other people were panicking about their last minute preparations.

We managed to complete all of our tasks a day before , I never had a free 24th of December until this year. I was always struggling with cooking and all untill the time arrived for dinner and guest were approaching our door. My family has lots of traditions when it comes to Christmas. As much as I love our Christmas traditions – they bring much exhaustion and kill the joy of this holiday. I just felt the need to say “no” to everything this year.

We decided to go to a ski resort for Christmas Eve. We had dinner at our place and then went out for a walk and some fresh air before we drove to the resort. While we were walking a stray dog followed us everywhere – and I mean everywhere!

The poor soul was terrorized by the firecrackers and drunken people. We didn’t had the heart to leave him alone so we decided to spend the rest of the night outside and offer him some comfort.

Like food. But he was so afraid of the loud noises that he barely ate anything. He was looking for shelter and begging not to be left alone. He jumped numerous times in my husband’s arms each time we tried to retreat and let him be.

My heart broke into million pieces because I don’t know what to do with this dog! I cannot even foster him, I don’t have the place or the time ; our visit home is short and work awaits as soon as the holidays are over!

Our four paws angel left as soon as things settled down and the morning arrived. So I guess we will do some skiing over day and return back at night to look after this dog. I’ve been burning my brain thinking of a solution, a place where I can take this dog , at least until all this Christmas/New Years madness ends!

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