The bad

Apartment or a house

I grew up in a house and every since I moved into an apartment 3 years ago only made me realize how much I long for that silence, privacy and coziness that only a house can offer. To put it simple – I hate apartments! These tiny concrete boxes that don’t offer much of those feelings. It is not that I’m ungrateful for having a roof over my head, it’s just that living between 4 concrete walls is one of the reason why I got so distressed.

Whoever lives in an apartment or a flat knows very well what I’m talking about and I think one word perfectly sums it all up – neighbors. Sure, moving into an apartment was the best moment decision at that time and we both agreed that it is temporary. It works for a year , maybe two, but no more.

Those who never had the chance to live in a house will never understand the freedom and happiness of it. When I moved out of my parent’s house my heart broke into pieces for leaving behind my gorgeous flower garden. Sure, I can and still go up to my parent’s house and take care of my plants, also all of our fruits and veggies come from there…but it is not the same as drinking your morning coffee in the garden or stay up late on the bench , watching the night sky. …the night sky….I remember the endless nights spend on the balcony , watching the moon and the stars.

One of the many things that I love about Scandinavians is that they seek isolated houses, far. far away from the majority. Those who seek to move far away from the cities, in the middle of nowhere or in villages with just 10-15 inhabitants ; those are my favorite.

So how much is too much? 4 years, maybe? 4 years. I don’t know how it will happen, but I’m making a promise to myself for next year that it will be our last year living in an apartment. I don’t have a clear plan on how it will happen, but I will give all my best and I’m usually very ambitious when my mind gets set on something.

I miss having my flowers, I miss gardening, yes I miss digging my hands in soil! I don’t need a big house, it can be half the size that the one that I grew up in. I need it small but very put together and cozy. I also wish to have few animals around the house. Growing up I was always surrounded by animals. My grandparents and parents always use to keep few animals , like pigs, hens , ducks. Two years ago my parents even had a small farm of rabbits! I miss that! Can’t really say that I grew up in a rural side of the country, but all I know is that I’ve studied in big cities and hated it. Big city life is simply not for me and I’ll take a small house ,somewhere far away, at any time.

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