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Buckthorn picking and jam

One plant that I really wished to have in my garden was a Buckthorn shrub and I finally got one shrub three years ago . In the first year it bared no fruit , the second year I think it had about 5-7 . This year I managed to get a hand full of them! We are slowly making progress here.

The picking process is as fun as putting your fingers in a socket. Also you’d better not be wearing your best attire . A full armor made from a rough potato sack would work best – peasant style.

A few scratches and 100 thorns later I was finally able to collect my cherished orange beads! More exactly 200 gr ! And what would Alina do with 200 gr of Buckthorn? Make jam, of course! I never tried making jam from Buckthorn only, but I remember that grandma used to make jam from apples and Buckthorn and resulted in a sweet and slightly sour combination, similar to cranberry jam .

So next to the 200 gr of Buckthorn I added 300 gr of apples from our garden (about 3 big apples, no peel or stub ), 200 ml water, 150 gr sugar (might want to add more, it may be too sour for some ) .

The result is this one 300 gr jar!

No one in their right mind would go through all the trouble for this one small jar, except it was already proven that I’m not in my right mind! Otherwise I wouldn’t be enthusiastically writing long posts about a jar of jam at 3 AM.

Another way to preserve and consume these berries is to mix them with raw honey and store them in a jar. My grandpa used to feed me a full tea spoon of this mixture every morning, before breakfast. Buckthorn berries are extremely rich in minerals and vitamins, antioxidants , prevents cancer and boosts your immunity system. That’s why these are one of the many blessings that nature offers during Autumn/Winter.

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