In between

It’s already chaotic

Yesterday I went to visit my parents and spend a lovely afternoon in the garden , after a pretty chaotic morning . In a few weeks I’ll be gone again. So from the little time that I have I try to split it between everyone . I have missed my pets so much! Here you have my kitty , enjoying the last sunny days of autumn and my old buddy – my 17 years old buddy! Mom baked a pie and we had lunch in the garden under an old golden nut tree. My, God! You just have to love autumn!

After that I got back to work until almost midnight . I was planning to work until the morning but I remembered that I had to wake up early today . I had to drive all the way to my in-laws and take my mom-in-law to the hospital for a routine check. The doctor was pleased , her leg seems to be healing very good after the surgery. As a side note , remember to always go to the emergency room in time – especially when rusty nails are involved! Infections are never fun to deal with! Thank God that at least one of us was home and was able to assist her! We only wished that she had called sooner and not try to “take care” of the wound by herself. On a good note if she continues to behave she will be getting rid of the crutches by Friday.

Husband and I planned to get new phones this Christmas ; it seems that Christmas got a little earlier for me as mine collapsed first , this morning. I was so close to not wake up and get in time to my in-laws! For the past few months we only had issues with both of our phones and it was just a matter of time.

Seems like my mobile phone network provider just got new policies and they don’t sell phones without a subscription anymore. I’m already subscribed to them , my number belongs to their network and I pay monthly for it, but seems like I had to pay an extra monthly fee for the subscription (?) because I’m not eligible yet for a new phone (whatever that means ? ). I already picked up the phone that I wanted and was standing there , cash in hand, puzzled and not convinced that I heard her right . My phone was slowly dying , battery almost gone (was not able to charge it for two days) and an angry husband yelling obscenities back at the assistant – in my bluetooth earphone. So again I had to drive to the nearest gadget store to buy my new phone.

I don’t know what feelings other people get when upgrading but I absolutely hate switching gears! Reason why I buy new phones only when my old one completely breaks. I’m somewhat emotionally attached to it, feels like letting go to a part of me . Every time I get a new phone I behave with it as if it is an intruder ; I completely ignore it until it rings . Same goes with a new PC / laptop . As I’m writing this post I’m still trying to bring my old phone to life by keeping it plugged in – maybe it will charge in the end, who knows? You just don’t bury someone until you are absolutely sure that that person is dead for good. And for this absolute reason I can count on one hand all the phones that I had in my entire life – so far.

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