The good

A Sunday into the woods

My favorite season is here and I’m doomed to spend most of the time indoors working. I know that hard work always pays off in time but sometimes I wonder if it’s all even worth it. I didn’t even realized when summer was over , right after our vacation trip I started to lose track of the time again. And so the days are passing , one after another ; today is autumn and tomorrow I might wake up in winter without being aware of the drastic changes.

Today I decided to take a day off and go to the place that my soul longs for – the forest. I cannot believe that I was close enough to miss autumn without me playing with the rusty leaves at least for a couple of hours! Where are my days? Where is my inner peace? I’m stressed and on a rush most of the time and lately I notice almost nothing. I become so numb and I didn’t even realized it.

I made a promise to myself that Sundays will be wisely spend – outdoors reconnecting with the nature. I actually missed hugging a tree, I missed hearing the birds, I missed the pure clean scent and I missed walking barefoot through the crunchy leaves.

My eyes were so tired , yet the vibrant autumnal colors calmed the pain and cleared my vision. When did I lost touch with all of this?

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