The good

A Sunday into the woods

My favorite season is here and I’m doomed to spend most of the time indoors working. I know that hard work always pays off in time but sometimes I wonder if it’s all even worth it. I didn’t even realized when summer was over , right after our vacation trip I started to lose track of the time again. And so the days are passing , one after another ; today is autumn and tomorrow I might wake up in winter without being aware of the drastic changes.

Today I decided to take a day off and go to the place that my soul longs for – the forest. I cannot believe that I was close enough to miss autumn without me playing with the rusty leaves at least for a couple of hours! Where are my days? Where is my inner peace? I’m stressed and on a rush most of the time and lately I notice almost nothing. I become so numb and I didn’t even realized it.

I made a promise to myself that Sundays will be wisely spend – outdoors reconnecting with the nature. I actually missed hugging a tree, I missed hearing the birds, I missed the pure clean scent and I missed walking barefoot through the crunchy leaves.

My eyes were so tired , yet the vibrant autumnal colors calmed the pain and cleared my vision. When did I lost touch with all of this?

In between

Writing is the answer

For me writing seems to be the answer to everything. It helps clear out my mind and sort out my feelings. I’m already writing an ongoing journal for the past 10 years or so. I like my privacy and I never considered to write for an audience – I do it strictly for myself and for my own benefit -reason why I write on LiveJournal for so many years. I really love the option of writing my posts public, friends only or private. Some of the posts are friends only and I have a hand full of close people that are able to read them ; but most of them are private, of course.

Now that I was somehow convinced to write a public blog , I believe that there are beautiful experiences that I can share with an audience. There are also many subjects that I can write about and some people might find them useful – or so I was told. Even if I write about beautiful experiences I do it from a very personal point and I feel like keeping them for myself only and not share with everyone…I do not know why but this is how I function. So every post that I write here it will be made with a lot of effort . But yet again writing things down is very important to be, it has become like a coping mechanism. I’ve been writing since an early age , I own every single diary and every single notebook that I ever wrote.